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Only around 20% of patients with solid tumors are estimated to currently benefit from immunotherapies. Multiple factors contribute to this low level of efficacy. Chief among them is the existence of an immunosuppressive microenvironment that leads to the generation of immune "cold" tumours.

At Neobe we are harnessing the synthetic biology toolkit to engineer tumour-colonizing bacteria that locally disrupt this microenvironment. By acting locally within the tumor, these products avoid systemic toxicities while increasing drug efficacy. Disrupting these barriers and increasing immune cell infiltration in "cold" tumours will enable the success of immunotherapies in current non-responders.

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Meet our team

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Pedro Correa de Sampaio

Co-founder and CEO

Pedro has over 12 years experience researching different aspects of the tumour microenvironment. He has worked in top academic institutes such as the CRUK Cambridge Institute and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and co-authored multiple publications in the field.

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Annelise Soulier

Co-founder and CSO

A microbiologist by training, Annelise was previously a principal scientist at Prokarium, a leader in bacterial therapeutics. She has over 7 years industry experience in bacterial strain engineering for multiple disease indications, including immuno-oncology, and co-authored patents in the field.

Home: Our Team

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